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Advanced Planning

Admittedly no one should have to make the decisions surrounding your funeral for you. Providing a pre-plan to those you love gives everyone greater peace-of-mind. You can then rest assured knowing you’ve done the right thing, greatly reducing the stress and burden on bereaved family members who would otherwise be required to make emotionally-charged decisions after a loss.

Planning ahead can be as simple as outlining your desires, to having all of the details written down and the financial arrangements prepaid.

Peace of Mind

Rather than face difficult decisions around your final wishes, your family deserves the opportunity to grieve your loss and celebrate your life.

Ease Financial Burden

Your family and loved ones are protected from unexpected surprises and unnecessary financial burden when you choose to fund your funeral ahead of time. 

Lock in Today's Prices

Cremation and funeral costs, like all other costs, continue to increase. When you prepay your arrangements, you lock in today’s price for services in the future.

To access our  ONLINE  Pre-planning form

To access our  BLANK PRINTABLE  Pre-planning form


“HUGHES enables you to Pre-plan your arrangements online or over the phone. No funeral home visit required. Of course, we always welcome you to come in and consult with one of our staff if you prefer.”

Benjie & Donna Hughes       Funeral Directors and Owners

Pre-Planning or Pre-Paying Your Funeral

 Hughes offers you different pre-arrangement options:

Non Funded Arrangements

One of our funeral directors will help you plan the funeral you would like. We keep your planning decisions on file.

No money is paid at this time. At the time of need your funeral will need to be paid at current pricing.


Pre Paid Arrangements

You plan the funeral service that you would like to have and then you fully pre-pay at today’s prices. 

At the time of need your family will have no additional expenses (unless they choose to add anything to the service). 

Our Guarantee

Your money is safe at all times.  Your money is put straight into an insurance policy for safekeeping and it is not used until you require our services. Be assured that your money is protected even if something were to happen to HUGHES   

ADVANCED PLANNING –Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of pre-arranging a funeral or memorial service for myself or a family member?

There are many benefits for those that choose to plan ahead. Some of these include a desire to spare family members the need to make decisions during a stressful time, which can ease the burden during their time of grief.  

Some have preferences for their funeral service, and they desire their families to be informed and involved in those decisions. 

Others like the peace of mind pre-arranging gives them. They know there will be adequate funds to cover funeral expenses.  

Pre-payment can provide real benefits when you are applying for Medicaid. HUGHES can provide details. 

And possibly most important, pre-arranging provides you the time you need to make rational decisions. Decisions that will otherwise need to be made when death occurs.

What are the steps involved?

Once you have thought through your preferences for your funeral, you may fill out our online Pre Need form or speak with a HUGHES funeral director who can assist you with options. We will record certain vital information and gather documents needed for the required forms.  

You then decide on all the details of your funeral: the type of funeral or memorial service, casket, burial vault, urn, music, and flowers. There is absolutely no pressure; the decisions will be all yours. Once you have made your selections, you will learn the payment options available to you.  You may also choose a non-funded Pre Arrangement 

What will the pre-arranged funeral service cost?

The cost is a matter of your choice. You may decide on the types of services and merchandise.. Your HUGHES funeral director will prepare an agreement and fully itemized statement for your review, and detail your choices for payment, once details have been finalized.   

How are sales regulated in the State of Alabama?

HUGHES is licensed to sell prearrangement funeral service by the Alabama State Department of Licensing. When you purchase a contract, we are required to deposit or invest a percentage of the money you pay in an insured account to protect your investment. In addition, the State monitors the status of our prearrangement trust funds.   

How does advanced planning work if my loved one is on Medicaid?

Under the Federal Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid guidelines of the State of Alabama, an irrevocable trust may be established if you are now, or expect to be in the near future, on public assistance. This means you may set any sum of money aside for your funeral, provided the money is specifically set aside for that purpose and can be supported with a list of selected services. 

What are the benefits of prepaying for a service prior to your eligibility for SSI or Medicaid?

Prepaying allows you to pay for the funeral of your choice before assets are used up for medical care and before assets are reduced to SSI or Medicaid eligibility levels.