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Choosing Cremation

Some believe, choosing cremation limits your choices for a funeral service or memorial but, in fact, choosing cremation gives you more flexibility and options. Traditional or contemporary services are often planned before or after the cremation process.

At Hughes Funeral Home we can help you plan a special tribute to remember your loved one.

Because we own and operate the only on site crematory in the Daphne, Spanish Fort area you have total peace of mind in knowing that your loved one never leaves our care and custody. Plan Ahead Here

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The choices in final disposition include keeping the cremated remains in an urn at home, burial, or scattering in a place that has special meaning.

The following examples represent selections of professional services and ceremonies chosen most often by the families we serve.

Traditional Funeral Service – Before Cremation

This service includes a viewing and a funeral ceremony at our funeral home or another location followed by cremation.Includes the transfer of the deceased to the funeral home within 50 miles, embalming, dressing, cosmetizing (for an open casket viewing), Wood cremation rental casket, same day visitation and funeral ceremony, website obituary and online guestbook, Memorial package, basic services of funeral director and staff, filing the death certificate, notifying the  Social Security Administration, use of facilities for public viewing and funeral ceremony, automotive equipment as needed, cremation process, urn allowance and six certified copies of the death certificateThis package does not include cash advance items.

Journey Celebration of Life
Gathering or Memorial Ceremony without Public Viewing of your Loved One

This selection includes cremation and the use of our facility for a memorial service. Includes the transfer of the deceased to the funeral home, refrigeration, basic services and of funeral director and staff, filing the death certificate, notifying the Social Security Administration, use of facilities for gathering 2 hour time of visitation and memorial ceremony or our staff and equipment at other location, utility vehicle, and cremation process.This package does not include the casket or alternative container, urn, or cash advance items.

Basic Cremation When Decision Has Been Made Not to Have a Ceremony

This package includes transfer of remains to funeral home within 50 miles, basic services of funeral director, and staff, filing the death certificate, notifying the  Social Security Administration, refrigeration of deceased prior to cremation, alternative container for cremation, basic urn and cremation process and identification of the deceased private family identification.

Cash advance items for any of our service packages may consist of death certificates, paid obituaries, flowers, honorariums, cemetery fees, hairdresser or other items as ordered.

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