In Loving Memory

Brad Byrne

December 2, 1975 - July 14, 2020


Charles Bradford “Brad” Byrne was born on December 2, 1975 in Virginia and passed away on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 in Mobile, Alabama.

Brad is survived by his parents, Donnie and Mary Byrne; his sister, Mary Elizabeth Byrne Smith; nephew, Cameron Lee Smith; niece, Caylee Byrne Smith; his dog, Abraham; aunts, uncles, many cousins and friends.

Brad enjoyed music, theater, his pets, Auburn Football, The Saints and his many friends.  He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Burial will be in Fairhope at a private graveside service.

Donations can be made in his memory to any local animal shelter, as Brad cared for homeless dogs, especially those lost during hurricanes.

Expressions of condolence for the family may be made at Hughes Funeral Home, 26209 Pollard Road, Daphne, AL, is assisting the family.


  1. Kelley Bradford Howard

    I love and will truly miss my cousin. A donation will be made to his memory to Greater Huntsville Humane Society!!! Love you Beth, Aunt Mary and Uncle Donnie

  2. Rick Reeves

    Nothing but GREAT memories of you Brad from the day I met you till the last time I saw you when you stopped by the house back in March – just as all this devastation was hitting.
    Deepest Sympathy to your family

    Luv ya Buddy. !

  3. Wade Caudle

    In August of 1995, I was a kid lost in the crazy first semester of college. Homesick, overwhelmed, ready to tuck my tail between my legs and run home. Then this crazy trombone-playing weirdo across the “dorm street” from me said “hey, wanna play Mortal Combat and feel normal for a while?” It was so Bradford Byrne to just make someone feel cool, pick on you and make you laugh till ya choke, and make best friends on the spot. Always the life of the party, even if that was conducting class or ensemble- or a post-concert trip to a restaurant in some podunk Swiss village on tour.

    I can’t believe you are gone, buddy. Covid took you from a world in need of your light, smile, laugh and (under that salty veneer) a really caring friend.

    We will never forget you, brother!

  4. Jo ann and Harry Babb

    Thoughts and prayers to the family. Really enjoyed Brad during high school band days with our daughter and other kids. He was always a pleasure to be around.

  5. Holley and John Wade

    My prayer are with you all during this difficult time. My heart is broken and Brad will be missed so by so many.

  6. Jennifer Hagle Newton

    I am so sorry to hear of this terrible loss. My condolences to the Byrne family. I have many fond childhood memories with Brad.

  7. Jodi Burt

    Brad was one of my regulars at Briquette’s Steakhouse. We became instant friends because of his laugh, jokes and chit chat. I am so sad he is gone but I am so grateful I saw him at least 3 weeks ago and told him I loved him. I’m so sorry for your loss and I want you to know he was loved not only by me but my fellow workers. You are all in my thoughts.

  8. Darwin Singleton

    We share your sorrow. Brad was a vibrant and joyful member of our community, and we shall miss him.

  9. John Overmeyer

    You never met a stranger! You were one of the first friends I made on my return to Mobile. A man who is the very definition of the word “friend”. Fly high my friend. Your time here may be done but I await the time when we see one another again. Prayers for all family and friends during this difficult time.

  10. Paulette Clark

    I first met Brad at the Cafe Ole in Sp. Dt, where I played piano and he, with Chauncy Packer and others, we’re waiters and they sang. Brad and I became very close friends and I was the musical director at JJP for many, many years and Brad and I did shows together. What a great time we all had. He is so missed terribly already. Prayers for your family.
    Paulette Clark

  11. Matthew

    Love hanging with ya
    Glad we got to meet you
    You were such a great friend
    Rip bubby

  12. Holly and Don Blosser

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  13. Lori Boyce Foster

    Brad! I met you my second year as a teacher at Fairhope Middle. You were in the 8th grade and on the math team. To say that you made me laugh would be an understatement. 😃
    I am so glad we became reacquainted on Facebook! I have enjoyed our “social media friendship” and I will miss seeing you and your posts. Rest easy, my friend – you will remain in my thoughts fondly and always with a smile.

  14. Jim Larrison

    Such an amazing person. So talented, spirited and fun-loving. Happy to have gotten to know him. Deepest condolences to the family. He will be missed by many.

  15. Sharon Johnston

    Mary and Donnie, so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Neacie Middleton

    I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you all. Brad had an amazing spirit and energy.
    Much love 💕

  17. David Andrews

    Praying for all the family and friends. Brad was a great guy! He will be missed!

  18. Patti Street

    I did not know your son but I cannot remember when I did not know you Donnie and Mary. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. Please know you will be in my prayers. I pray for comfort and strength for you to get thru this terrible loss.

  19. Jeanne Backes

    Sending my sincere sympathies to Brad’s family. His life ended much too soon and I know he will be greatly missed by his family and friends. I performed with Brad in a number of theatre productions. I will always remember his friendliness, his talent, and his living life to the fullest.

  20. Clinton Doolittle

    Prayers for Brad and for family. First learned to love and admire Brad at Cafe Allegro. “Bring Him Home” is only one of my sweetest remembrances of Brad. May he Rest In Peace and Rise in Glory!!!

  21. Mickey & Jack

    Donnie and Mary. Our prayers are with you in your loss and especially for you Donnie. Get well soon.
    Mickey & Jack

  22. Cheryl Read Bennett

    Mr and Mrs. Byrne and Beth, I was so stunned to hear about Brad’s passing. I had JUST reconnected with him on facebook for the first time since High School one week before his passing. I had told my husband all about him and how I had wanted to find him before now and was so happy to be reconnected because we were SUCH good friends in high school. Brad said people probably thought it was weird that I was a Senior and being a friend with someone in 8th grade. I told my husband, he was just that awesome of a person to be around that I didn’t think anything about the age difference. Brad was an amazing person, he always has been. He will be sorely missed. I prayed we are all comforted my our good memories of him. I haven’t seen y’all in years, but I still love y’all and pray God will comfort you during this very difficult time.

  23. Cheryl Mercer

    Words do not begin to express my pain in the loss of such a dear, amazing friend. My heart goes out to his parents and sister. The world is a little dimmer without his light.

  24. Stan Chapman

    I am so sorry to hear about Brad. I worked with him on numerous productions at the Mobile Theater Guild over the years and thoroughly enjoyed each one. He was always prepared, committed, energetic, and hilarious. He will be missed not only for his tremendous talent, but for his wit and humor as well.

  25. Wayne Fillingim

    Mr. and Mrs. Byrne, Beth, and family:
    I am so sorry for you all. As you remember, Brad and I were just inseparable for quite a few years. I loved him like a brother. We have fortunately remained friends throughout the years, although not as close as we once were. I have many memories of him, had many great times with him, and will miss him dearly. We tried to out sing, out act, and out play each other, worked together, did shows together in high school, sang in choir together, and played in band together. What a wonderful talent, and what a wonderful person he was. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  26. Jean Street

    So sorry, Mary, Donnie and family for your loss. Losing a loved one is so hard, may God be close to you and give you strength and peace. Love you all.

  27. Brandon Lee Stafford

    Brad, I just learned of your passing. I’m so sorry. You have done so much for me over the years. Twenty two years ago you took me in right out of highschool when my parents kicked me out, and let me stay with you while I went to college at USA. We were close, very close you knew me better than most ever will. You were always an honest ear, you never told me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. Two years ago you took my dog BAM whom I loved more than myself, in order so that I could get my life together. I haven’t spoken to you in two years but I thought of you often. The last time we spoke, I called you from jail. You offered me tough love, you said you didn’t want to see me in that condition again, to get my life together get clean and sober and you’d care for BAM until the time came I could care for him myself. I’ll always be in your debt. I’m two years clean and sober on August 23, because you told me the truth when no one else would. I’m a better man for having known you. Rest in peace my old friend. I love you very very much. I’d like the family to reach out to me if possible 850-470-5834

  28. Billy Wildberger

    Dear family,
    You don’t know me, but I was friends with Brad for several years when I lived in Mobile and we went to the University of Mobile together. I just learned of his passing. Brad was one of a kind, genuine, and quick-witted. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Brad, but we became good friends as I got to know him better. Having lost a brother, I can somewhat relate to your pain, but know that your son made a difference in my life and I am sad I did not get to tell Brad in person, but it makes me feel better knowing that you know what he meant.
    With love,
    Billy Wildberger


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