In Loving Memory

Francis Irving Dyer, d. August 20, 2011



March 2, 1919 – August 20, 2011 In Loving Memory.
Francis Irving Dyer, 92, a long time resident of Wallingford, Pennsylvania and current resident of Fairhope, died peacefully on August 20, 2011 in a heathcare facility in Daphne._ After graduation from high school, he_enlisted in the_US Navy from November 1939 until being honroably discharged in November,_1945.__He served_in WWII, in both the Atlantic and Pacific campaigns. He was preceded in death by his wife Gertrude Carty Dyer & his daughter, Constance A. Dyer.

A funeral mass will be held for Mr. Dyer in Wallingford, PA at a later date.


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