In Loving Memory

Henry Gerrard Clay

July 30, 1938 - August 30, 2020


Henry Gerrard Clay passed away Sunday, August 30, 2020 at the SAAD Hospice Retreat in Mobile, Alabama.

Born on July 30, 1938 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Gerrard moved to Mobile, Alabama at an early age. He grew up in Mobile, attending Murphy High School. He attended Auburn University for his undergraduate degree and then the University of Alabama for Law School. Later in life, Gerrard moved to Daphne, Alabama.

Gerrard practiced law in Mobile for a number of years. More recently he invested in the stock market. He enjoyed talking about investing, and we all remember his love for political discussion. He never minded a good argument.

Gerrard is survived by his brother, Calvin Clay; sister, Doris Lanham; daughter, Terri Thompson; grandchildren, Joshua Thompson, Josiah Matsumoto and Jared Thompson; and his great grandchildren: Judah and Lillian Thompson. He is preceded in death by his sister, Shirley Clay, mother, Doris Gerrard Clay and father, Henry Dolan Clay.

Through his investing, Gerrard leaves a charitable trust, The H G Clay Foundation, intended to help those people who struggle on the margins of society.

A graveside service will be held Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at Pine Crest Cemetery, 1939 Dauphin Island Parkway, Mobile, AL at 1:00 PM.

Expressions of condolence for the family may be made at  If donations or gifts would like to be made this can be done in a form of a check made out to
H. G. Clay Foundation and sent to Hughes Funeral Home, 26209 Pollard Road, Daphne, AL 36526.

Hughes Funeral Home, 26209 Pollard Road, Daphne, AL, is handling service arrangements for the family.



  1. Patsy Cody Sanders

    R.I.P – old Murphy school friend.

  2. Claude O’Connor

    Enjoyed knowing Gerard at Old Shell and Murphy. Such a nice guy! Love to his family!!!

  3. Beverly Mann Clark

    Met when we were 6 years old!
    God’s Peace be with you.

  4. john arant

    our houses were back to back on Ellinor st next to Ruberoid plant. We lived there from ’45 to ’51. Gerrard was a really nice guy. so Glad Calvin is still with us.. God bless, john arant

  5. Susan Mitchell

    I’m so sorry to hear this, Gerrard was a good friend for many, many years. He was an important part of my life and will be remembered. We had some really fun times together.

  6. Susan Mitchell

    I am so sorry to hear this, Gerrard was a good friend for many, many years. He was an important part of my life. We had some really fun times together. He will be remembered.

  7. Robin Steele

    Intelligent, thoughtful and willing to think out of the box..For a thought provoking conversation on most subjects,Gerrard was the person to test your best argument..A truly unique individual with a generous Spirit….He will be much missed by all that knew him well,and most cetainly by me…

  8. Kathy Lincks Jorgensen

    My sympathy goes to Calvin and DORIS and the rest of his family. I’m sorry that we are just hearing about this. Our prayers are with the family

  9. Terri Thompson

    Thank you so much.
    ~daughter, Terri

  10. Terri Thompson

    Thank you, Robin. You knew him well and you’ve been a great friend to him.


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