In Loving Memory

Julaine N. Knight-Nelson, d. February 12, 2018



In Loving Memory

January 11, 1958 – February 12, 2018

Irvington, AL

Julaine Middleton Knight-Nelson, 60, passed away on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 11:11am. She was born at Providence Hospital on January 11, 1958. Julaine was the boss! If Mama wasn’t happy…NO ONE was happy! Mama was the strongest person I have ever known. She became a Christian early in her life. She was a graduate of Hogan Senior High school in 1976 in Vallejo, California. She played the flute in the marching band. Mama loved her flowers, decorating for every holiday. She loved Coca-cola, E-Hollywood, her family and her cats Otis and Paddy-Paws. Mama loved doing her nails and dressing up. Mama was my best friend. 

She was preceded in death by her first husband, Charles Knight; her father, James Willow Middleton (she shares the same day of death); mother, Betty Jo Middleton-Fredricks and her aunt, Faye Stephens.

She is survived by her husband, Joel Nelson and her children, Robyn Knight and Christopher Knight.

A memorial visitation will be held from 11:00am – 12:00pm, Thursday, March 1, 2018 at City Hope Church, 4693 Airport Boulevard, Mobile, AL, 36608. Expressions of condolence may be offered at Arrangements are by Hughes Funeral Home, 7951 American Way, Daphne, AL.


I spent 8 days with my mama in ICU at Providence Hospital. They said my mother would not even survive the surgery … but she did! We got to say I love you to each other one more time. It was so beautiful and supernatural. My Mom even had a blessing from Pope Benedict VI. It is Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday today as I write this obituary. 

God answered my prayer at the hospital. I had Neicy ask for Ministers to come and pray. Pastor Josh and Pastor Jared from City Hope Church came and prayed for my mama. Each one of us were praying so hard at the same time. I was praying harder than I have ever prayed in my life! I ask God to let me look in Mama’s eyes one more time. Neicy and I left the room for a few minutes and when we came back I tried to wake her up. I called to her and she woke up! It was the most amazing thing! God answered my prayer … I felt the power of God so strong when we all 4 prayed. I was able to ask my mom some very important questions. I needed to know she wasn’t mad at me for bringing her to the hospital. She told me she was not. She told me she loved me. I now know why I spent 8 days in ICU with my mama…It was for me! It was to give me some peace about my mama. I kept feeling Deja vu in the hospital….like it was all supposed to play out this way. The first time I saw the R.N. Maddie, I felt like I knew her. I ask mama if she knew God loved her and she nodded her head. It was a miracle my mama made it thru the surgery at all, then to come off life support another miracle! Then to wake up and follow commands!!  Another miracle! The whole ICU staff admitted they never see things like this! Mama fought for me and I fought for her as well. 

Thank you to Providence Hospital for everything you did for my mama. Thank you to the surgeon, Dr. Burch for your amazing skills and getting her thru the surgery! Thank you Dr. Bedsole, Dr. Pitts, Dr. Lightfoot, and Dr. Kleinman for taking care of and fighting for my Mom.

Thank you to the hard working and compassionate nurses, Maddie Collum, Holly, Raven KatieAnn and Mary, you guys are the real heroes! 

Thank you to Father Miley for your prayers and the rosary. 

      written by : Robyn Knight


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