In Loving Memory

Karel E. Kerstiens

December 21, 1963 - November 21, 2022


Karel Edward Kerstiens, a resident of Mobile, Alabama, passed away on Monday, November 21, 2022, at the age of 58.

No services have been planned at this time. Expressions of condolence for the family may be made at

Hughes Funeral Home, 26209 Pollard Road, Daphne, AL, is assisting the family.


  1. Sgt. Shirley Jacobson, USAF Veteran

    Karel Kerstiens was a friend, who referred to me as his “Sis”, my being a family friend.. He was a kind, sensitive man who loved music, sports, and animals. His dog, Lexi, will miss his loving care. Karel played guitar, harmonica, and sang. He was a professional musician for years. He enjoyed sharing his love of music with others.
    Karel had served his country honorably in the United States Air Force, and rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant. He had served in the U.S. and Qatar.
    Karel was a caring and loyal person who loved the Lord and showed it by his kindness and openness toward others. He faced life’s storms with philosophy, thoughtfulness, and a desire to share kindness in the midst of life’s storms. He will be greatly missed.

  2. Goltz Burt

    He was a very nice young man who left us way too early. Our deepest sympathies to you Rose

  3. Carlene Jarrell

    I’m so so sorry for your loss I just became aware of this .wish i was closer to give a shoulder .i remeber karl from all the camping trips family took together i can remeber hearing hm at one time say the mosquitos were big enough to f==k a turkey he was a great man .again. so sorry

  4. Trebor C Genry

    Karel was a spark in anyone’s life he encountered. He was full of life love and wisdom. He was always kind and willing to impart any knowledge that he may have to give to anyone who could use it or need it. With myself being a musician as well he was more than willing to help out and I was more than willing to recieve it…as out friendship grew Karel felt comfortable enough to invite myself and my son over to do some work around his house like put chicken wire out around the fence perimeter so lexi couldn’t get out….lol or to remove old furniture in place of the new stuff he ordered and we were more than happy to do it because he was our friend…..he could always put a smile on our face and was a happy positive light in anyones life he encountered . I’m sad I’ll never hear him play his harmonica at karaoke again…I’ll never hear another story or have that big teadybear of a man come up and give me a hug again. But im happy he called me one of his friends and I’ll cherish the memories made with him.
    Rest easy My friend you were one in a million. And I’ll never forget you!

  5. T.J. Wilson

    Middle of October fixing a cup of tea I noticed I used the Karel method..not my normal way is to use the wrapper to squeeze the bag but Karel would wrap the string four times round the bag on the spoon and throw it away…so then when I saw myself do that…. I figured it would be cool to text him to follow up on our midnight diatribe from last August..
    Never did it. Could have should have..but didn’t.
    Knew the guy for 40 years and wanted to get back to the conversation with more progress on the topic we had been kicking around.
    We had been on messenger off and on for about a year after not having contact for about ten years. we could switch from our normal comedy routine to serious stuff pretty fast.. when we can read each other’s moods and drifts ..from just knowing.For years.
    The last few paragraphs back in August was like a more serious assignment he suggested….so I could get better results with a project I was having trouble with.
    So I wanted better progress on that and a couple other things before I texted him.
    For 40 years Karel and me were the best of friends so I didn’t need to delay…i didn’t need to impress him..
    Next thing is I see…is his brother Paul’s post on Facebook…Karels gone.
    Karel lived a truly fantastic life and pushed it hard right to the very last day.
    I like that part.
    So I gotta still get on that thing he and I were talking about last summer…you don’t get friends like that I just lean into it knowing he believed I could do this.
    Karel would love this almost kinetic momentum thing where his texts and videos and jokes for the last year are sort of pushing my life and the navigation is just spot on.
    Glad I made friends with that pirate.

  6. Christina Smith Gilcrease

    Paul, Rose, and Family…I just now heard about Karel. Last time he and I talked he told me he had more clips of him singing and playing harmonica. I always remember him so uplifting to talk to. Even when he was a young teen pumping gas at my parents’ place, always smiley, positive, and cared about his work. You’ll be missed by many Karel. You left us too soon. 💔😢 Thank you for the memories.😇


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