In Loving Memory

Lanny George Confer, d. December 16, 2010



April 20, 1936 – December 16, 2010 In Loving Memory.
Lanny G. Confer, age 74, a native of Pennsylvania and a resident of Fairhope for over 35 years, passed away on December 16, 2010.

Mr. Confer was the owner and operator of Lanny

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  1. De

    I think of him often and I miss him! I have so many good memories of just hanging around Lanny’s garage with Uncle Lanny listening to them shoot the s**t! Probably staying in their way for the most part but he let me sweep up and clean tools and I even learned l some things about mechanics.
    I loved that dude he was part of the village that made me who I am!!
    Love and miss you Uncle Lanny!!


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