In Loving Memory

Treva Sheets

August 15, 1941 - May 5, 2022


Treva Jearlene Dickson Sheets was born in McMinnville, TN on August 15, 1941, and passed away Thursday, May 5, 2022, in Fairhope, Alabama.   

Treva was preceded in death by her father, Asa E. Dickson (1918-1969), her mother, Velma L. McCormick Dickson (1921-1996) and by her husband, Dennis N. Sheets (1940-2020), to whom she was lovingly married for 59-years.   

They were blessed with three wonderful children, Laura L. Sheets of Alabama, Lawrence M. Sheets (Lisa) of Ohio, and Travis N. Sheets (Cécile) of Illinois; her four marvelous grandchildren, Ian Sheets, Amanda Sheets Winstead (Alec), Dylan Sheets, Elliot Sheets; and one terrific great grandson, Theodore Winstead.  Treva is also survived by her precious siblings, Clata F. Carter (Nick) and Jerry E. Dickson (Marilyn); in-law siblings and their spouses and families; and many other special family members and precious friends.

A brief service in the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Fairhope prayer garden will be held Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. when her ashes will be interred alongside her loving husband.  Hughes Funeral Home & Crematory is handling the arrangements.  Their guest book and obituaries have space to add memories and thoughts, and all are encouraged to read and comment.   In lieu of flowers, donations in her name to Trinity Presbyterian Church would be appreciated.  Treva thought they did many “good works.”

Her parents were born in Warren County and White County, TN.  They died in Phoenix, AZ and there were a lot of moves in between.  Even so, Treva had a happy childhood, felt loved, and adjusted well to each new adventure.  Her dad worked in construction (mostly as a welder/pipefitter) and went wherever there was work and her mother made sure they took their “home” with them wherever they went.

Treva knew Dennis casually in high school, but they didn’t date until after she had returned from her first year away at college and they met again at a service station.  She loved Dennis’ sense of humor and appreciated his kindness, ready laughter, and willingness to help.   She graduated from Griffith High School, went to Tennessee Temple University for a year, decided she already knew how to do what she wanted to do and didn’t need a degree.  Afterwards, she took courses in things of interest to her (sometimes for fun, sometimes for work) at Purdue Ext, the local Y, in-house insurance underwriting, Ohio State University (where she learned to love the Buckeyes) and TV.  She was one of the most learned, well-rounded, sensitive, and wonderful people you would ever meet, able to enjoy anybody and any conversation.

Treva and Dennis were married in 1961 in Highland, IN.  They lived in Hessville, Hammond, Lafayette, and Indianapolis, IN before moving to Columbus, OH for 30 years.  After they retired, they returned to Highland to help Dennis’ mother for the next 10-years before moving to Fairhope, Alabama to their little patch of “paradise in the sun” they purchased in 2012.  So often smiling and laughing about flowers outside their windows, during the winter months, when they would call or Skype with friends and family.

Treva felt particularly blessed to be able to stay at home with her three children for 17-years before returning to public work.  Treva and Dennis encouraged their children to experience these basic things:  the love of God, the loyalty of family, the wonders of travel and the adventure transport of reading books.  Treva had a passion for helping little children and was often taking care of them via babysitting, playing games and making cookies with the neighborhood kids, making learning easy, going for walks or having an adventure, such as taking the bus downtown just to ride the outside glass elevator.   She worked in our churches in nursery, taught various ages of Sunday School, Bible School, and helped with Sunday night cooking for the teens.  She helped with Cub Scouts through Webelos Scouts, and Dennis managed the regular Scouts.  Treva was even able to get the funds and equipment of a local defunct scout troop transferred to another local scout troop, instead of having it leave the area, so that the boys for whom it was intended would benefit and not just some random business.  Treva thought the local elementary school playground should have some playground equipment instead of only trees.  She made a plan, got the needed approvals, and after 3-years of fund-raising, and lots of hard work from her husband, friends, and PTA workers, the kids had a real playground.

Her perfect evening would be spent visiting and laughing with family and friends, or  playing cards and board games.  She particularly enjoyed reading, doing embroidery work, oil painting, organizing, and corresponding with those she loved.  And if you’re reading this now, you know that you belong to that very special group.

Expressions of condolence for the family may be made at Hughes Funeral Home, 26209 Pollard Road, Daphne, AL, is assisting the family.


  1. Gwen Butt

    Treva was always the biggest and brightest smile in the room. Fun and loving, she will be missed. I was blessed to visit her and Laura briefly in March and was so encouraged that she appeared to be getting stronger. Her passing was a shock, but as stated, she’s now back with her true love and soul mate, Denny. I extend my sincere sympathy and love to their children and to all the family. They left you a legacy of love.

  2. Sheila Dickson Gann

    Treva was a treasured cousin. My dad, Thomas Edward Dickson, loved her like a sister! My sisters and I always loved when Denny and Treva would come to Tennessee to visit with Papa and Mama Dickson, her Uncle Dillard Thomas Dickson and Aunt Katherine! The stories that she would share in person, email, or those famous Christmas letters were always something to look forward to over the years. I know that her children, grandchildren, and great-grandson have lost a beautiful soul and center of their world! My thoughts and prayers go out to you all!

  3. Leslie Adelson

    My heartfelt condolences to all family and friends who mourn the passing of this great lady, as do I. I was privileged to work with Treva in the Ohio State University’s German department in the 1990s, before I moved out of state to teach at another school. Treva’s radiant smile and good-hearted laughter would light up the work place daily, and working with her was a joy. When I was invited into her home to enjoy a delicious meal, meet the love of her life, and be trounced by them both in Scrabble, I felt like I had won a very special lottery. Treva and Denny inspire me still, and I will always be profoundly grateful for their kindness and friendship, first in person and then through letters over twenty-five years. I am so saddened to see them both go, but thinking of them will always gladden my heart. Their legacy is one of constant blessing. May we all be more like them!

  4. Donna and Steve Erickson

    Treva was my cousin by marriage and I loved Treva’s smile and loved to hear her laugh. She was an inspiration to us all. Family reunions, the women would talk and laugh while sharing recipes and useful ideas about family life or solutions to problems. The men would play cards for hours with one whoop after another when someone won. It was always a good feeling of mutual love and respect for each other. Treva’s Christmas letters were historic for all the information she could cram on one piece of paper along with pictures of family. She was so proud of her family and rightly so. Ahhh, I will miss her smiling face and her Christmas letters. What a dear and kind person she was to all of us. She and Denny are truly missed but now joined together in eternity. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

  5. Leonard Hasse

    We will really miss you.
    As you once told us, “It’s a mark of true friendship when you can not see one another for a dozen years and still pick up where you left off. Thank you for being our “forever friends””.
    We look foreword to picking up where we left off one day in the future.
    The Hasse’s, Len, Daryl, Joseva, and Scott, and Chloe EANES. ❤️🙏

  6. Cindy Dickson Jenkins

    I enjoyed Treva’s letters and cards over the years. (I still have them.) I looked back at my emails and found an old one from 2013. It would have been nice to see her more. I know my dad Thomas Edward Dickson really thought a lot of Treva. (They liked to kid each other and laugh.) I know her and Denny would stop and visit Papa & Mama Dickson and it was always nice to see them. I remember Treva’s kindness when Daddy died and the times, I was sick. I will always have fond memories of Treva. You all are in my prayers. I know God provides ways to lessen the pain from your great loss. As you already know, you were blessed with a loving and caring mother. May you cherish all the wonderful memories of the years spent with her.

  7. Linda Haverty Rugg

    I was privileged to get to know Treva when she worked as an administrative assistant in the German Department at Ohio State. I was a young beginning professor there, and Treva was a delight to work with, supportive, warm, funny, and always on the ball. It was a pleasure to see her when I came to work, and I could count on her for encouragement. Thank you to her family for sharing her, and thanks always to Treva for her beautiful smile and high spirits.

  8. Mark Roche

    Treva was my administrative assistant for five years in the German Department at Ohio State, and she was a joy to work with. Among the many assistants with whom I worked at two institutions over several decades none were better. Beyond her overall competence and pleasant demeanor, I remember so well her smile, her laughter, and her sense of joy in doing good work for others. Even today I remember some of her witty (and wise) remarks. If there had ever been a vote for most popular person in the Department, I would not have bet against Treva. It was a privilege to stay in occasional touch with her in the 25 plus years since we last saw each other. She always spoke so loving of her family. Treva will be greatly missed, but her warm influence on others lives on in untold ways!

  9. Mary Angela Miller

    Treva was the organizational guru at the heart of our Nutrition Services Department at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. In addition to keeping us on track, she made us smile. There are “Treva-isms” that still trigger laughter to this day. She will always be remembered fondly, for helping us serve our patients and for doing so with grace and humor under pressure.

  10. Jeanne Dickson

    I looked forward to hearing from Treva through the cards and letters, she would send. It was always a joy to hear about the changes taking place in the lives of her and Denny and, of course, her children and grandchildren. I most especially enjoyed a visit she and Denny made to Tennessee to visit family. I visited with Denny, Treva, Clata and Nick for a long time, while Treva & Clata recited memories of my Daddy, Thomas Dickson or Eddie, as they called him, and my Aunt Glenda, when they were all younger and living in Albuquerque, NM. Treva had me laughing so hard at the images of the five of them (including Jerry) playing cowboys and Indians (not sure who was playing which) and they had captured Eddie and tied him up (literally). They were called in to supper, but somehow forgot all about Eddie being tied up and went in to eat without him. When their daddy found out what had happened and Eddie had been released, they apparently got their backsides tanned. Treva and Clata had me in stitches! I am truly going to miss her and hearing all the wonderful stories she had left to tell. I will treasure the memories. My love and my prayers are with each of you.

  11. Cookie Doan Stempkowski

    Friends since we walked part way home from high school together, fast forward to meeting again in Alabama. My late husband and I went twice a year to Gulf Shores, AL, only to somehow run into Treva and Denny there. We visited with them at their home but mostly at a favorite restaurant where Treva and I particularly loved the seafood crepes. She and Denny were very interesting in sharing their experiences and the time would fly by.

    She is by far the sweetest person I have ever known, courageous, kind hearted, intelligent, and with a terrific sense of humor. She and Denny were both gracious hosts and will be sorely missed. In that my husband has also passed, Alabama doesn’t hold the same attraction for me now; however, there are great memories there, and Treva and Denny are certainly included. Rest in peace my friends!

  12. Robin Smith

    I met Treva & Denny when I moved on Belle Chase in Fairhope.. We immediately became friends. They were the sweetest couple, we exchanged numbers because she would say watch over the house , because at the time they were still traveling to Indiana for the summers & come back here for the winter. She was so sweet I would often offer to help with anything I could. Then she would say let’s have coffee together or she would bake us something, she will truly be missed… My condolences to her children & family. May God continue to give you the strength to get thru this time of bereavement.. Just know now she’s back complete with the love of her life.. God Bless ,
    Love, Robin Smith & family 🙏🏽❤️

  13. Brenda Wilburn

    Treva was a cousin to me but more the age of my parents. She was a beautiful person inside and out and so much fun to be around. I will always cherish the memories I have of her and Denny’s voices full of laughter as they told jokes and played cards with my parents during family visits. Family reunions won’t be the same without hearing your laughter. I will miss you and your family letters and updates.

    Love, Brenda (McCormack) Wilburn


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