In Loving Memory

Kristin Tweed

- May 23, 2020


Kristin was the most remarkable person one could hope to meet. She was brilliant, talented, witty, generous and kind. She was a friend to everyone she met and many of them became lifelong pals.

Her wonderful eye and her unique creative vision saw beauty and art everywhere. She would look into a box of concrete nails and see a woven basket or plate. She would study an old form of art such as a quilt and re-imagine its shape, size and design into a wonderful wall hanging.

She was well prepared for her life in art and design with a bachelor’s degree in art education from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s in Design from the University of Minnesota. She went on to teach art at the high school level, and then taught color and design at the college level at the University of Minnesota.

In addition to teaching, Kristin was active in exhibiting her art in National and International juried art shows and taking part in the community with Interior design commissions for Honeywell Computer Science Division, Honeywell Physical Sciences, Honeywell Graphic Arts and Fort Myers News-Press. She also served as the Art Critic for the News-press and was color and design consultant for Faribault Woolen Mills. She was always on the move and contributing in some way.

She is survived by countless works of art in an endless variety of media, hundreds of friends, and admirers and one loving husband of 34 years.

Kristin died peacefully in her sleep on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 3:35 p.m.  She was 74.

There will be no formal ceremony. Interment will be at the Alabama State Veterans Cemetery in Spanish Fort, Alabama.
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  1. Shari

    Will miss you my dear friend .

  2. Patricia Saari

    God made a few angels to watch over us, and Kristin was one of his gifts to all that knew
    His greatest gift of Kristen’s love went to Tom, her husband of 34 yrs.
    Her short life of 74 years wasn’t long enough to give all the love she had to spare!
    Her talents were abundant and the world just lost a shining star…⭐️

  3. Mary Towner

    Kristin was indeed creative and talented and had impeccable taste. She couldn’t NOT create.

    Beyond that, she was one of my closest friends. We met in grad school and have been friends ever since, for over 40 years. Kristin kept people together. Because we lived far away we’ve only seen each other once in all that time, but have kept very close with almost weekly phone calls. She was my second family, and I’m heartbroken.

    Kristin was one of the most upbeat, strong people I know. She never moped, never let anything get her down for very long. She could solve her own problems and all of yours if you let her! No matter that we “only” got together through long-distance phone calls; the energy and strength of her joyous personality easily traveled all that way.

    Don’t know what I’ll do without you, dear friend.

  4. Patrick Sherrill

    I am saddened to hear of Kristin’s passing. Know that you are in my thoughts Tom.


  5. Dan Guy

    Dear Tom,

    Jane and I were saddened to lean the news of Kristin’s passing. We know that words are inadequate at a time like this. But we were blessed to have her as a friend. She was special and Kristin’s legacy will live on through her art work and the many, many lives she touched. Please accept our deepest heartfelt sympathies on Kristin’s passing. We offer you and yours our prayers for peace and healing.

    Blessings to You, Tom!
    Love You Brother!!
    Dan and Jane

  6. Nancy Bastin

    I remember Kristine as being a remarkable person. I knew her only a short time as she moved out of the neighborhood in North Fort Myers not too long after I moved in. I would like to extend my sympathy to her husband and will always remember, Kristin. Nancy Bastin

  7. Toni Matison

    I’m devastated and shocked, as we spoke and laughed together only 3 weeks ago. There are no words to describe perfection except perfection- that was Kristin. She knew no stranger, her meticulous schedule of grocery shopping, cooking and library visits. Her love of “junking” with me on US 41 in Florida, estate sales, her phrase “Remember anything can be anywhere“ or “ Are you in the car yet?” Her scream in the Labelle, FL. Goodwill when we found the Bertoia chair for $5. The need to “have back-ups” of her favorite finds like her teak ice buckets, why one when you can find three.

    Her chocolate chip cookies, origami birds on the Christmas tree, the books she would find for just the right person on birthdays and Christmas. Her cookbooks filled with tiny sticky note tabs and her love of her kitties. Her devotion and love for Tom and dedication to her friends and those she cared for at the library, Publix and speciality deli and meat markets. “Quality ingredients Toni”, she would say.

    She was always creating and evolving. 30 years of friendship, my heart is broken. She would say to me, “Toni, you definitely have points for your good work to get into heaven”. I would laugh. Kristin, you have way more points and I know you’re there drinking wine with Harry. Cheers my most wonderful friend. I miss you.
    Toni aka Tonetta

  8. Diane Minish

    Kristin was a dear friend and neighbor who lived across the canal from us many years ago.
    There were days when she would invite me to their home for her homemade (from scratch) bread to be dipped in butter or olive oil. Everyday she prepared a gourmet meal for their dinner, always fine dining in their home.
    She taught me art history, gave much needed inspiration to be creative, believed in others more than they believed in themselves.
    Before and after their move to Alabama Kristin always cared about her friends, their families, their interests, their personal health, all aspects of their lives.
    I’ve been searching my mind and rewinding past conversations I’ve had with Kristin to relive them again.
    I believe there will be a time when we will again be together in heaven.

  9. Heather Cronrath

    My life is richer, more beautiful and delightful because Kristen was. Her generosity, creativity, culinary skills, laughter, focus, boundaries and kindness exploded in your life if you were lucky enough to spend time in her orbit.

  10. Love, Debi

    My Dear Tom,
    I am in disbelief. A woman I met at the Post Office 4 1/2 years ago, became one of my closest friends. i so enjoyed my time with Kristin, you, Olee and Lena especially on “Friday night special ration time”; when Kristin and I would share wine, wonderful cheese, almonds and crackers. – and her own homemade organic bread. That in itself was Heaven. All of that was not the real pleasure though. Kristin and I spoke from our hearts to each other. She listened to anything I wanted to tell her, no matter how meaningless. That was the point with her, nothing was too meaningless for her to care about. She knew my many faults, (although, she thought to a point, they were even good). We laughed, and a time or two cried. She told me often how impressed she was with my eye for art, not being trained in it. I would have unique ideas that no one else could see. And, she liked them. I was fascinated with her artistic talent in many of the art medias. We would walk around your home and each time, I would see something new and different. Many beautiful experiences were shared with My Dear Krisitn in Art and Heart. She will be a Treasure to me always. Onward and Upward!

  11. Linda (Bayerle) Gettelman

    I am so sad to read of Kristin’s passing. Kristin and I were the best of friends from 2nd grade through high school. Many sleep overs at 4600 Upton with her mother, Louise, telling us to settle down and go to sleep while we talked and talked. When Kristin attended University of Wisconsin-Stout I’d drive over to visit her (in her mother’s brown Comet!). We would drive around Wisconsin countryside to find garage sales and hopefully “jewels”. I still have a hand-hammered silver teaspoon with the initial “B” (my maiden name) on it, along with delicate French Haviland china tea cups and saucers I have in my cupboard today. Several years later we lost track of each other and not until about a month ago did I locate Kristin and wrote her a letter giving her an update on my life. Sadly, I did not hear back from her. Bless you dear Kristin. You made quite an impression in my life.

  12. Linda (Bayerle) Gettelman

    I am so sad to learn of Kristin’s passing. We were the best of pals from 2nd grade through high school. When Kristin went to University of Wisconsin-Stout I would drive over there from Minneapolis (borrowing her mother’s old brown Comet!) and we’d drive around Wisconsin countryside looking for garage sales hoping to find “jewels” at a cheap price. I still have one of those finds, lovely white French Haviland china cups and saucers I use to this day, along with an antique hand-hammered silver teaspoon with my initial on it. Fondest memories are being in her mother’s kitchen, her mother Louise sewing in the other room, and making chocolate chip cookies and eating Bongaard’s Cheese and talking about the Beatles and the cutest boy in high school. We lost track of each other for many years and just recently I wrote her a letter giving her an update on my life of recent. Sadly, I did not hear back from her. Many memories dear Kristin. You’re in my heart always.

  13. James Boyer

    Our long missing classmate has now returned to her original home. On behalf of the Minneapolis Southwest H.S. Class of 1964, we lament her loss, but celebrate her life and welcome her back into the fold.

  14. Linda Bayerle Gettelman

    So sad to hear the news of Kristin’s passing on May 23rd. We were the best of pals from 2nd grade through high school in Minneapolis. Fondest teenage memories are sleep-overs at her home and her mother, Louise, telling us to settle down after hours of our talking and laughing. Of sitting at her mother’s kitchen table while Kristin baked chocolate chip cookies and we ate Bongaard’s cheese. Plotting how to meet the Beatles or how to talk to the cutest boy in school. While Kristin attended University of Wisconsin-Stout I would drive over there in her mother’s brown Comet! We’d drive the Wisconsin countryside looking for garage sales to locate that special “jewel.” Kristin will always be with me as I use that antique hand-hammered silver teaspoon with my initial on it or the delicate French Haviland china tea cup and saucer we found. Our lives took different paths and we hadn’t spoken in years. A few months ago I wrote Kristin a letter updating her on my life. Sadly, I did not hear back from her and now this morning I read of her passing. Bless you dear Kristin. You are missed more than you know. My sincere condolences to you Tom.

  15. Elaine Jett

    Kristin made art out of her environment and her home was her curated collection of her own art, her many finds at thrift stores, her gifted composition that included her lifelong eye for finding and adding the rare and beautiful to the perfect place in her environment. No aspect of life was too mundane to make art; the flat head nail baskets are a classic example of her vision. She won national awards for her art and stood toe to toe with any when it came to design and creation. On a personal note, she was a constantly supportive friend, relentless in her belief in me and generous daily in her encouragement and praise. I was not alone; she supported and saw what was special in all those who were dear to her. I knew she wasn’t well but have been stunned by her sudden death at such a young and formerly vigorous age. I am devastated by her loss.

  16. Anne & Richard Halpern

    When we received word about our beloved friend Kristin, we were devastated to hear the sad news. How can we describe Kristin except “one of a kind”. Our memories with her and Tom are too numerous to list, but there is one, among many memorIes, that come to mind today. When I married Rich, he is the one that cooked in our home as I had not cooked and also, he introduced me to a wonderful couple, Tom and Kristin. Well, everyone that knew Kristin, not only was she a great artist, but a terrific cook. One evening she and Rich decided to cook together in our home. She asked me where the saltI was and I was so embarrassed when I had no idea. They all had a laugh and she told me not to worry as she used to cook frozen meals. After that beautiful evening with the best food ever, Kristin starting giving me recipes so I could start to do my fair share in the kitchen. You will always be in our hearts 💕 our loving Kristin. Thank you for all of the memories never to be forgotten. You are one of the sweetest, honest, trustworthy friend we could ever have. We have wonderful memories boating, sharing dinners, laughing and enjoying every moment together. Every time we have dinner in our home, we look up to see the memorable piece of art you gave us as a gift of our boat ‘“Committed. Every time we look at all of our coffee table books you gifted us through the years, your inscriptions will always be cherished. We love you our most special and talented friend.❤️🙏🌹

  17. Bevery Price

    I first met Kristin quite a few years ago when I was cleaning a house in her neighborhood. She was walking and came strolling by as I loaded my car. We started talking and she told me she and her husband were building a new home and asked if I would clean for them. I could tell right away that she was a very sweet person. I started cleaning not long after they got settled in and I was so very amazed at her talent, her caring ways, and her devotion to her husband, her home and of course her kitties. We talked about all her accomplishments and we talked about recipes and traded several. I am one of the lucky ones to have some of her cook booksu that she lovingly took the time to mark the best recipes. She would say “lovey, would you like some cheese to keep your strength up”? Or, how are you holding up? Thank you for working so hard. Many times after I would leave she called or texted to tell me how beautiful her home was when I was done. Tom would say “wow! Look at those floors”! She got a kick out of it and I still do. She always appreciated the way I took so much care with her beautiful art and she definitely set down some rules about touching them! Lol! I am by far a better person to have known her as a client and a friend that will always hold a special place in my heart! I love and miss you always sweet Kristen.Tom, my deepest condolences to you.. lovey…(aka) Beverly

  18. Lois Johnston Rafferty

    I am so sorry to learn of the passing of my friend from many years ago.
    Kristin and I went to middle and high school together. She would stop
    at my house on the way to school and we’d walk the rest of the way together.
    She was darling; full of personality; fun. My mother adored Kris.
    I love reading about Kristin’s wonderful talent as an artist.
    We named our youngest daughter Kristin. Interestingly, “our Kristin” is also
    an artist.
    My condolences to Kristin’s husband Tom and to all of her family and friends.
    Lois Johnston Rafferty

  19. Amy Milar

    My family is so blessed to neighbor Mrs. Kristin’s home. We have only been here a few short years, but so have enjoyed being Kristin and Tom’s neighbors. Kristin was so incredibly thoughtful We have four little girls who she adored. She would often tell us how wonderful they were and what great parents we were. This, to a mom who had recently lost her own mother, made my day. She enjoyed listening to the girls play in our backyard and my girls would pop over the fence to say hello when she would check her mail each day. Kristin would show up with baskets of chocolate at Easter, precious stuffed animals and chairs for each girl, or lovely silver spoons and cups for our baby. We all have a beautiful swan that she had folded for us at Christmas time. I think of her each time I look at mine. Such a sweet woman who I know has a special place in heaven.


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