In Loving Memory

Wendell Dudley

September 17, 1942 - August 22, 2020


Wendell Herbert Dudley, a resident of Theodore, AL, passed away on Saturday, August 22, 2020 at the age of 77.

No services have been planned at this time.  Expressions of condolence for the family may be made at  Hughes Funeral Home, 26209 Pollard Road, Daphne, AL, is assisting the family.


  1. Tammy Lackey

    Wendell Dudley was a great man . And will be so sadly missed. He will never leave our hearts or our thoughts . Love ya Wendell

  2. Teri Anderson

    We lost a very good hearted bear of a man! But heaven has gained a son. My sympathies to his family in Mobile Alabama and elsewhere.

  3. Belinda Wilson

    Rest in peace, Wendell. Fly high my friend.

  4. Stewart Vaughn

    Best wishes to the family. He was a good man. He would help anyway possible if he could. Knew him for a better part of 10 years or longer. Knew him and Tammy very well. She did her best to take care if him in the latter part of his life and made him as comfortable as possible till the end and I know personally he was very thankful for her doing that. God Bless.

  5. L. Cowart

    Rest in Peace my man…you deserve it. Love you much.

  6. Barbara Dudley Riebe

    My brother I wished I was able to speak to you when you were with it. My last conversation was February. It was unfortunate that all of us never got to talk to you. Till the days you were passing. I miss your laugh and wit. How we use to laugh over memories.

    I’m thankful we always stayed in touch before this disease took you. Love your little sister

  7. Barbara Dudley

    My big brother. I wished the family could of talked to you. February was my last conversation with you. I so regret that I was not able to get to talk to you since due to you not having a phone anymore. Only till your final days when you were passing. I hope and I know that you heard me. I wished we could of flown down but mom passed the week we were to leave. Then Covid stopped everything. I miss our silly remarks and your laugh and wit. You are now at peace and with jimmy, Susan and mom and dad? You will be with mom and dad as soon as we have you.

    May god guide you to eternal life of happiness. I love you big brother.
    Love your little sister barbie.

  8. Joe Dill

    RIP Wendell. Such a strong hard working giving and loving man. The only time I saw him down was if Tammy and Tank wasn’t right there beside him. I am so glad that you were happy all the way till the end and right where you wanted to be . You will always be in our hearts. And I no you are no longer in pain and walking with God and at peace.

  9. Derrick & ShyAnn

    I am so grateful that God let us have you in my life . You were our family and made our family complete . I will miss all the talks we had and all the jokes you would tell . My family want ever be the same because we are now missing one . But you will never be forgotten . Love you Dee & Shy

  10. Jessica (Dudley) Arsenault

    RIP Uncle Wendell, you were truly one of a kind. Thanks for all the great memories of southern Alabama! Dillon and I will always cherish them, we had some good times down there. I picture you and Dad now together having some cold ones cranking Skynyrd and talking Chevys. Xoxox

  11. Tammy Lackey

    Happy Birthday Baby wish you was here . I love you to the moon and back !!!

  12. Tammy

    Happy Birthday Baby . Yesterday was a sad day without you . I love you to the noon and back .XOXOS

  13. Neil rouse

    He taught me a lot about the hardwood business here in mobile and all around construction and he sure was a hard ass but in a great way because I probably wouldn’t have turned out as a productive man as I am now days , I was 14 yrs old when he would let me cut grass’s at is house and was always building engines and that’s where I got my knack for hotrods , you sure will be missed my mentor and friend

  14. Melonee Rouse

    I just found out last night that Wendell passed away!! If I remember correctly I met Wendell when I was 11 or 12 years old!!!! He always watched out for me and took me, Dawn, Bo and Neil everywhere!!!! He was like my second father!!!! The last time I heard from him was March 7th of last year him telling me Happy new year!!! He taught me and my siblings many things!!!! It breaks my heart!!! We LOVE YOU WENDELL AND ALWAYS WILL!!!! R.I.P. OUR GREAT MAN

  15. Dawn Rouse Rosser

    Just Found out the passing of True person.Wendell was a Sweet guy and treated me( Dawn Rouse ) Rosser n BO, Neil and MELONEE like our father.Taught us a trade and I appreciate that. Wendell n I where still friends after many Year’s Together( 23 yrs) RIP 😢 you will truly Missed.

  16. Barbie

    Yes and he always thought a lot of you Dawn. We had a nice military ceremony for him and he is near us now.


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