In Loving Memory

Wilhelmina “Billie” Barber, d. Oct. 22, 2014



In Loving Memory

March 3, 1935 – October 22, 2014


Fairhope, AL

Wilhelmina (Billie) Barber passed away on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at her home in Fairhope, AL. She was born in Marked Tree, AR. Her parents were Mead and Bertha Roberts. She attended Tech High School in Memphis, TN and University of AL in Huntsville, AL. She had a happy fun loving personality and loved above all, her family. She enjoyed the game of golf and was a competitive player and in the final foursome of the 1989 Women’s Tennessee Senior Championship. Her other interests including boating and travel to new places.

She is survived by her husband of 62 years, Kenneth; three daughters, Martha (Marc) Eason of Birmingham, Marian Baker of Bartlett, TN, and Melinda Barber of Memphis, TN; nine grandchildren, Amy Baker Paule, Jeremy Baker, Jonathan Baker, Joshua Baker, Michelle Eason Kelly, Wesley Eason, Adam Eason, Emily Eason, and Jennifer Taylor; eleven great grandchildren; sister-in-law, JoAnne Acuff and many other relatives and friends.

In lieu of flowers, family suggests donations be made to the Fairhope Volunteer Fire Dept., ATTN: Treasurer, P. O. Box 429, Fairhope, AL 36533, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, 6931 Arlington Rd, Suite 200, Bethesda, Maryland, 20814, or charity of your choice. Expressions of condolence may be offered at Arrangements are by Hughes Funeral Home and Crematory, 7951 American Way, Daphne, AL.


  1. Chuck Stotts

    What sad news, Ken. I hope there was time for the kids to be there with Billie. Of course we’ll keep in touch. More later.


  2. Liisa Crowley

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are comforted by your family and friends. I find comfort from the bible’s view of death,  that our loved ones are merely sleeping and in God’s memory. God is a god of love and he does not cause us these kinds if sufferings nor does he take our loved ones away. Instead God is eagerly waiting for the time to wake the dead back up to life. “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out”(John 5:28,29). I would be more than happy to share a scripture or two more about this wonderful hope in the close future. I can be reached at [email protected]. I hope you all the strength and comfort.

  3. Adam & Lindsay Eason

    Pop, words cannot express how much we miss Mom Barber, but I hope you can feel how much love we are sending your way to comfort you during this time. You are so fortunate to have spent such a long time with such a wonderful woman, and I pray the memories you made together over the past 62 years continue to bring a smile to your face. The love she showed her family, especially to her grandchildren, was unmatched and I will remember the sound of her boastful laugh for the rest of my days. We love you so much, Pop!

    Adam, Lindsay, Emma, and Parker

  4. Eric Kelly


    We are all saddened by Mom Barber’s loss. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with her and grateful for the golf lessons she gave. If I could only put her words into action I would be on tour! We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  5. Emily Eason


    I can’t even put into words how much I miss Mom Barber or what a terrific, loving, fun, and energetic grandmother she was. I will never forget the times I spent on the boat with you guys when I was little, or the hundreds of Yahtzee games we played together. She was such a wonderful woman, and I know you miss her fiercely. I am so happy that you two spent such a long, loving, and memorable life together. Javi and I are thinking about you during this difficult time, and we hope to see you soon. I love you so much, Pop!

    Emily & Javi

  6. Hunter Baker

    Hey Pop, I was told about it on Wednesday, I’m sorry about Mom Barber, but I will say this: She always did LOVE squeezing cheeks, just like in those older cartoons. – Love, Hunter

  7. Keegan Baker

    I understand how you feel I’m sorry and I love. From: Keegan

  8. Jonathan Baker

    It’s a strange thing, when ever someone I love passes I can never think of anything sad. The memories I have of them and the influence they had on me leaves a smile on my face. Mom was very much no exception to this rule. It’s hard to miss what is for me always here, I can close my eyes and remember her voice and the things we did together, hehehe and God knows her laugh!! I think the reason she will forever be so vivid in my mind is because of the way she played with my siblings and I. I remember most fondly laying in a hammock stacked three deep and having her tell us to close our eyes as she would tell the most elaborate stories and take us to places far beyond that backyard hammock. We would go sailing in the stormy seas or flying high above the clouds on magic carpets, dragons, mythical bird creatures and the like. She told some of the greatest stories… She had a few good jokes too… my most favorite things about her were her love for fun and her laugh :). Josh, you know what I’m talking about :P. I could go on for days but I wanna keep some of these things for myself. I love you Mom Barber… and I love you too Pop. I would say “I will miss her” but I can’t because as she told me while she was alive “when I’m gone honey, you can close your eyes and bet I am there looking out for you”. So you see I cannot miss what or whom I have never lost. Love always in my heart for Mom Barber.

  9. Bonnie Willis


    I will Billie So much. She was a dear friend to me. I loved her sense of humor and her honesty when she needed to scold me.

    You take care, I will keep in touch.

    Come to FL. soon and be with some old friends.

    Love, Bonnie

  10. Charles Corbin

    Thank you Ken for Being a gracious host in July when Mary and I visited. I am thankful for your friendship and Billie’s friendship I always felt appreciated whenever I had a chance to talk to you or Bellie. I will miss Billie and I will always look forward to talking with you.


  11. Linda Barber

    Well dad I am so proud that I have parents that stuck together through thick and thin. It has always been wonderful for me to see you both get to live out your dreams in your retirement years. Especially after all the years I watched you both so work hard and make all the right choices. It also been very special to see the way you both worked together with love and patience for one another through the difficult times towards the end. Mom has left us all with some wonderful memories that will only become more precious and cherished as time marches on. Love you Dad hope you will feel free to always reach out to us that wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for you and her. Love always Linda

  12. Nancyjean and Peter Frick

    My deepest sympathies to Ken and the entire Barber Family. I am so thankful that my Mother brought Billie into my life, so like my mom, she didn’t let me get away with anything ! I appreciated her honestly, her wit, her intelligence. .her laughter was contagious. I found such comfort and joy in our conversations, I think we both did however sometimes I wondered how she put up with me….she was such an amazing women and Ken least I forget we love you deeply as well, you’re amazing too.and we are just.a phone call away….Well as Dad would say
    ” Camille, you’ve got somebody who can really drive that ball from the ladies tee and I’ve got a forth for Thursday night bridge ” RIP Billie we love you!
    Love, Justnancyjean and and Peter

  13. Diane Lowry

    Mrs. Barber I had the pleasure of meeting you a few times with Marian. She is one of the finest women I have ever known. She is kind, patient, loving and as smart as they come. I know you were extremely proud of such a wonderful daughter.
    Rest in peace.

  14. JoAnn Acuff

    I am very sad she is gone. I feel I have lost a very good friend. I will miss her very much.

  15. Steven Kocsis

    When my grandmother had her strokes earlier this year aunt Wilhelmina and uncle Ken were there for me. It was a really dark time for me and my family. It was also a lot of pressure for a 20 year old. I will never forget how much they helped me with navigating though the “medical system” and dealing with terrible doctors and unprofessional nurses. All of whom saw me as a dumb naive kid they didn’t have the patience for. Aunt Wilhelmina fought for my grandmother just as hard I was. I will never forget it and will be forever grateful. Thank you too uncle ken.
    – steven

  16. Cathy Stackpole (Pipe)

    Hi, Ken, words don’t really convey how sorry we are that Billie passed away, but we do know that she is in heaven. I think that my dad greets all of his loved friends in heaven and shows them around. He greeted Billie and has her in his loving arms. That’s the image that comes to mind. She is not alone. I loved Billie like a sister and will miss hearing her laugh. She and Mom laughed alot these past months . I know because Mom would turn the speaker on the phone so i could say hi to Billie. I am so glad that we came to visit. Billie and I chatted while you and Mom went to get candy the day we went to lunch. She was full of fun and so happy to be out and about on that special day.. You were so good to her and she mentioned that on our day out. We will all miss Billie, and I will remember her great sense of humor. And her laugh. She is in good company and happy.
    I send a hug along with my condolences. Love, Cathy

  17. Norma Stackpole

    Billie and I go so far back.. We laughed around the golf course (she was so much better that I was), We laughed across the bridge table. Again, she was better , she was with me in hard times years ago, and she is irreplaceable. But we will meet agin, I am sure. And laugh again., just as we did in Faihope last month.
    Love, Norma

  18. Judy (Sissy ) Thompson Weatherly

    Kenneth, Thank you for bringing such a wonderful person into the Barber-Thompson family. I will forever be grateful to her for being there for all of us. And especially for me at these lowest of times . I am sending love to you from Daddy. He can’t hear on the phone or he would call . I am so glad that we were able to see you both even under the circumstances at the time. We send our love and our best to you

  19. Betsy Prendergast (Simmons)

    I was saddened to hear the news. I have such wonderful childhood memories of spending time with Aunt Willie. She was such a neat lady! I know she will be missed dearly.

  20. Tracey A Kocsis

    Uncle Ken,
    I was very sad to here that aunt willie had passed. my first thought were that she has put up a good fight and how having you at her side must have strengthened her ability to stay with us for as long as she did. I will always remember her as a positive person who would see the good in people. I remeber when she and I talked she would try to build on the positive things I have done to encourage me to strive for the best. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Marty, Marian & Linda. Please remember I am here for y’all if you need me.
    with love
    Tracey Acuff

  21. Amy Paule

    I have nothing but the best memories of my “Mom” Barber. Golfing, shopping, spaghetti with big noodles and peppers, making scrambled eggs, sleep overs, driving the riding lawnmower and golf carts, painting, ever nook and cranny of the Eatinwick house, spring break on the boat, manatees, peteandsams and all the shared stories about my momma. The list is endless. I will forever remember all these things and so many more. But I will most of all remember how much she loved me, my husband (even before he was my husband) and my children. I will never forget you mom or your FABULOUS blue toenails. Pop I wish I was there to hug you and shoulder some of the hurt that you feel. I will see you soon.

  22. Sue Smith

    Dear Ken,
    I am a good friend of your sister Jo Ann. I did your wife’s hair many years ago. I know this has been so hard after so long a time of being married.
    She is at rest now and will suffer no more.
    Jo Ann said she was certainly there for her when she had her stroke. We live in south Carolina now so I don’t get to see Jo Ann as much as I wish.
    I just wanted to tell you I know you will miss her and I am so sorry. Sue

    For He HIMSELF Has said “I Will Never Leave you nor forsake you” Hebrews 13:5


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